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Final Review

Spanish 1 Review • Know the meaning of each term: turista, pasear, descansar, salir, comprar • Know numbers • What are precios altos, precios baratos, and precios buenos? • Be able to use comprar, deber, decidir, desear, gastar, jugar, llegar, llover, preferir, saber, salir, and tener suerte in complete sentences • Know when to use para su amigo, para su novia, para su padre, para su hermana, para si mismo • Be able to use the following verbs in sentences: tener, ser, estar • Know the preterite form of verbs • Know the meaning of las próximas vacaciones, ropa, materias • Understand pasatiempos and be able to describe using the present progressive • Practice writing a paragraph on a family member; focus on name, likes, your relationship with the family member, free time activities, and where your relative lives • Be able to write number and numerals in words • Write a description using the preterit tense and vocabulary taught in the book